Speedcubing is the activity that involves solving a Rubik’s Cube and others mechanical puzzles as quickly as possible. It is a young kind of intellectual sport. Joining it helps in social adaptation and mental development. Speedcubing trains the memory, finger motility, logic and reaction. Achievements of goals in Speedcubing helps in personal development, it is good addition to physical kinds of sport.


Speedcubing Federation is a public organization, created for the growth and popularization Speedcubing in Russia. Our mission is to create an enabling environment in developing intellectual, sports and creative skills of Speedcubing lovers, organizing and conducting competitions, meetings and master-classes, and to increase Speedcubing level in regions of Russia.



Head office

Address: 197348 Saint Petersburg, Aerodromnaya 6, office #220
Phone: 8-800-201-09-03
President of the Federation: Alexey Polyashov

Moscow department

Department head: Nikolay Masson

Saint Petersburg department

Department head: Andrey Kristesashvili


Mission and goals

Down below is main, but not exhaustive list of goals of the Speedcubing Federation.

More competitions in fair and equal conditions.

Federation can contribute to local organizers to simplify the process of preparing and conducting competitions with using our resources.


  • To develop instruments to simplify routine tasks, which arises while conducting and preparing competitions.
  • To create guidance materials that will help to find space, for preparing and to conducting competitions.
  • To assist organizers in getting space for competitions and to provide administrative resources.
  • To create a database of organizations and people, who have required equipment for competitions and to give organizers an access to it.
  • To help and to give advice to organizers.
  • To provide new WCA representatives, who have right to be a main judge in competitions.

Best results of Russian cubers

Federation wish Russian cubers to show the best results and can present the country on international arena with dignity.


  • Create Russian-language educational resources; translate foreign educational resources, to make lists of the best of it.
  • To support best representatives of Russian Speedcubing.

Informing broad masses and popularizing Speedcubing among the population

Federation makes efforts to promote Speedcubing as kind of sport and as youth movement.


  • To organize activities (shows, competitions, master classes) under the aegis of the Federation and help conducting competitions to other.
  • To create and distribute motivating media content.
  • To support independent Speedcubing teachers.

Contribute in appearing communities in regions

Federation is moving towards having representative offices in all regions of the Russian Federation and assisting regional cuber communities.


  • To organize activities (seminars, competitions, master classes) for cubers under the aegis of the Federation and facilitate conducting competitions to other.
  • Helping organizers of cubers meeting
  • To develop instruments for conducting cubers meetings.
  • Facilitate cubers meeting organizers getting space for the meetings and provide administrative resources.
  • Inform cubers about meetings and other events in their cities

Carrying mission, spirit, and rules of WCA

Federation doesn’t see itself without World Cubing Association; we carry and spread the spirit, mission and rules of WCA.


  • To develop educational materials based on WCA rules and update it on time.
  • To create database of judges, who know and understands WCA regulations. Constantly inform all members of Speedcubing community about having an opportunity to be a judge.
  • To create testing materials for judges.
  • To communicate with WCA delegates and judges, and provide reports about incidents at Russian and international competitions.
  • Promote WCA spirit among Speedcubing community